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The farm holiday Serine offers to its customers, even if not in accommodation, a restaurant service with typical genuine and local products.
The most of the dishes are with their products as fruits of the season, vegetables in different quality, extra virgin olive-oil, which are from the plantations into 20 hectares of excellent agrarian land in Serine place and surrounding it.

The farm sells to its guests a wide range of fresh rural products and manufacturing products: as fruit liquors (with lemon, mandarin, fennel, laurel), jam of pear, peaches, oranges, apricots, plums, resins, quinces, apples, virgin olive-oil, extra virgin olive-oil, tomatoes and tomato sauces, vegetable sauces and pungent tomato sauces.

Our olive-oil can be bought by mail with a cheque payment to the delivery.

In the varied and abundant appetisers we can find the aubergines in oil or roasted, the vegetable omlet, peppers, made home sauces and fried vegetables, all the food is made with home products. The “pasta” is home made: “orecchiette”, “minchiareddhri”, “sagne torte”, “pappardelle” and the excellent “ravioli” with saffron, with various meat and vegetables sauces from the farm. It always possible to taste fresh legumes as peas, chickpeas, beans cooked as first dish and as side dish.

The second dishes are based on varied meat as skewers meat and grilled chicken sausages, loin of beef with potatoes. There are also fish dishes cooked through the local recipes (anchovy, sardines, “pupiddhri”).
Fruits are fresh and abundant, cultivated in the farm and principally in spring and summer time. Fruits are used for making cakes as various jam tarts and cream tarts or mascarpone cream cheese with strawberry and jam roll. Otherwise, you can taste little cream puffs and soft yoghurt cakes or pears jam cakes for breakfast.
The best-loved wine is the “red” by the local stores, but we have also good “white” and “rosé” wines. There are various fruit liquors.

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